Prismaccess’ data in an international study in oncology

An international study, conducted by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa), uses information from the Prismaccess and Evalumade databases. Its purpose is to answer two essential questions:
• how to define innovation in oncology, and
• how to facilitate access to these innovations?
116 organizations (funding organizations, learned societies, patient associations, drug manufacturers, etc.) were interviewed in 10 countries and geographical area.

Because of increasing number of new cancer treatments, early MAs or conditional authorization systems are put in place for innovative medicines, particularly in serious diseases whose therapeutic alternatives are limited (early evaluation from phase II and III studies). Temporary reimbursement mechanisms are also developed based on the clinical potential of the medicine.

These increasingly expensive and efficient medicinal products and the budgetary constraints will force health systems to an obligatory and profound revision.

Full report: Institut National du Cancer