Spain, a new financing model for high economic-impact medicines

The Dirección de la Cartera Básica de Servicios del SNS y Farmacia, has announced the start-up of a new financing model for medicines with high economic impact. This will mainly concern the launch of medicines with high budgetary issues especially in rare diseases and oncology.

This model includes the establishment of a pharmaco-clinical protocol and a register to monitor therapeutic effectiveness. This will make possible the standardization of the treatment criteria, the precise determination of the candidate-patients and his monitoring.

Spinraza is the first medicinal product to introduce this new financing model.
Commercialized by Biogen, it is an authorized orphan drug in patients with spinal muscular atrophy, which will be available as of March 1, 2018 in Spain and will cost about 400,000 per patient per year.

The intention is to replicate this model on similar innovative medicines on the condition that the efficacy is clinically proven at each stage of the surveillance of the patient and the obligation to complete ongoing studies on safety and efficacy.

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