New indications in oncology not easily accessible to French patients

A study conducted by Prioritis for G5 Santé and Leem has highlighted the difficult access of patients to recently approved oncology treatments.

“About 30% of recent oncology indications are not or are inequitably accessible to French patients,” says Delphine Houzelot, vice president of Prioritis.
Over a reference period from June 2017 to December 2020, 34 indications were not reimbursed in France, 56% of which concerned oncology.
Almost all of these refusals were due to a poorly established efficacy/adverse effect ratio and methodological limitations, which made laboratories reluctant to request reimbursement for their treatments.

The study conducted by Prioritis also identifies the disparities between France and its European partners.
Even though the French National Health Authority (HAS) has evaluated the largest number of indications, “in 60% of cases, France is the only country to refuse reimbursement”, explains Delphine Houzelot, who points out that “of the 34 indications refused by the Transparency Committee, 20 were approved in other countries”.
Germany clearly stands out, granting market access to treatments right upon their European marketing authorization.

The director of the HAS, Thomas Wanecq, reacted to the Prioritis study and confirmed that texts were currently being prepared in order to harmonize the evaluation of medicines at the European level and “confront French points of view with international standards”.

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