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Optimize your chance to get the appropriate reimbursement in a specific country

Global HTA & Pricing database

Prioritis delivers Prismaccess / Evalumade, online global HTA and pricing database dedicated to market access and pricing departments.


With its quality assurance, real-time tracking records and its improved innovative platforms, Prioritis has gained the trust of payers, regulators and authorities who are using the service on a daily basis.


In five years, Prismaccess / Evalumade database has extended its solution across countries involved into the HTA evaluation process and provides a high level of service with analysis including local KPIs.


Our high standard of work allows our clients, despite accessing and searching on the database, to access to an extended service with a dedicated point of contact for an immediate answer.

Centralized information resource

Prismaccess/Evalumade provides data and information on all pharma & biotech products during initial and subsequent evaluations by national authorities on HTA markets.


Updated on a daily basis, we analyze Health Technology Assessment decisions made by major institutions worldwide, structuring key data in an easy-to-use format, allowing users to detect trends and gain insight into their own and competitor products.


Our high technology online platforms are available in three languages and can easily compare HTAs across countries, competitors, and therapeutic areas landscapes.


By searching and interrogating the Prismaccess/Evalumade database, we are able to deliver our clients an immediate answer to KPIs to improve their level of expertise and maximize their strategic positioning:

  • What evidence was submitted by the manufacturer
  • What are the key clinical endpoints?
  • What is the right clinical trial design?
  • Which are the most relevant comparators?
  • Which drug obtained an early access program?
  • What was the subpopulation reimbursed within the MA?
  • What was the timelines from early stage, marketing authorization, HTA decisions, reimbursement and pricing?

High quality data for high valuable solutions

Prismaccess and Evalumade platforms incorporate data on medicinal products from marketing authorization to price publications.

  • Regulatory data: marketing authorization details including approved indications, approval dates, directly linked to payer decisions on driven HTA markets
  • Clinical data: comparators, endpoint acceptance, target populations
  • Economic data: pricing data at launch, treatment costs, ICERs etc.


Our database covers all therapeutic areas from major HTA countries and is monitored and updated on a daily basis by our HTA experts.

Reimbursement & Pricing database

Access immediately to key information to incorporate into your product or disease area landscape.


  • A powerful tool to track and understand different HTA procedures
  • A comprehensive database of decisions from HTA and regulatory agencies
  • Detailed information on product recommendations, clinical and economic limitations
  • Official launch prices and price evolution


Search can be made by drug name, active ingredient, manufacturer, type of recommendation, therapeutic area. Our interface has been specifically built to facilitate downloads, data extraction and printing.


Global HTA database

Evalumade, an interface dedicated to market access leaders, offers clear top-level visual information about HTA decisions, allowing users to detect trends and gain insight into their own and competitor products.


  • A responsive, graphical and interactive interface, ideal for touch screen devices
  • A search engine by therapeutic area, HTA institution, date, status (published or in development), drug name and active ingredient.
  • A range of possibilities to filter the information
  • An interface built to facilitate extraction of charts and figures for use in presentations.
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